Room rental

Although our three rooms differ in size, they are all equipped to the same high standard, and are equally as functional, and hence we do not differentiate between them in terms of charges for room rental.

Rooms are available for hire by the hour, or by the session, with sessions running from 8.30am till 1pm, and then 1pm till 5.30pm. ‘Evenings’ commence at 5.30pm.

Day/Time Sessional Rate Hourly Rate
Mon-Fri £75 £18
Evenings n/a £24*
Saturdays £100 £24*

*Subject to availability/minimum booking duration. Our rooms are exempt from VAT

Other Services

A full range of secretarial services are also available, including audio-typing, photocopying and scanning. The rates for these services will be advised on a case by case basis.