High Street Medical boasts three separate consulting/clinical rooms, all of which have been designed to be professional and functional, yet also comfortable and unthreatening.

All are fully equipped with movable electric examination couches, wall-mounted magnifying examination lights, and appropriate sanitary facilities. All are available for hourly/sessional rental.

Room 1

Room One is our downstairs consulting room, and as such is the room which would be appropriate for disabled practitioners and visitors. It benefits from being carpeted throughout, with fully adjustable lighting, both of which making it the most appropriate room for counselling and psychotherapy services. The room offers 10.25m² of floor space.

Room 2

Room Two is the first of the two upstairs consulting rooms, located towards the back of the building. With 9.88m² floor space it is the smallest of the rooms, but can still comfortably accommodate multiple patients (for those occasions when a group/family consultation is necessary).

Room 3

Room Three is our largest clinical room, located towards the front of the building. With a very generous floor space of 17.22m², the room has plenty of scope to house additional equipment should this be required.